can this be true..mossad has led

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    Bush up the garden path.
    General William Wallace US army said the other day that "this is not the war we wargamed for".
    What sort of intelligence were they working on?
    They had plenty of arial info from their survelliance satellites, but zilch hard stuff from the ground.
    The yanks are notoriously deficient in hard personal spying capabilities. This info they relied on from the best intelligence outfit in the mid-east, namely Mossad.
    In whose interest is it to have the US in Iraq?
    Did Mossad not know about Saddams specials embedded in the Iraq army and civilian city populations of the despised and expendable Shite cities and towns which presently have entrapped the naive coalition forces.
    This is going to be Mossad,s and Sharon's finest hour. Getting the US bogged down in a protracted war virtually next door.
    Howard has still got time to get out and say the whole story is a gross misrepresentation of the true state of the Iraq war scenario.
    He's already declined to go to Washington and now Downer has stated emphatically that our forces are not going to hang arouind for the so called re-construction , especially if the yanks are going to pinch our wheat contracts.
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