VCR ventracor limited

can they really survive without the spp

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    Here is my take on their financials.........

    They have 10.8 Million as at end of Oct.
    They reduced their spending to 2.3 per month
    They anticipate they will be able to perform 95 implants under CAP
    They have 18 implants remaining under BTT
    This makes a total of 113 implants, this is not taking into account any implants from EU or Oz

    If they are able to perform 20 implants per month, this is equal to 2 Mill/month, meaning they are in the red to the tune of 300,000 per month.

    This should support them for a period of 6 months and leave them in the Red to the tune of 300,000 per month, thus depleting they cash at bank from 10.8 million to 9 million.

    If they are only able to do 10 implants per month after that, this would mean their cash at bank is reduced by 1,300,000 per month, so over the next 6 month it would be reduced by 7,800,000.

    Can someone please tell me what kind of a company is it, that they are thinking of putting their money into, if the board and CEO are unable to secure loans, strategic partnering or alternative means of funding in a 12 months period????

    I know the above is EXTREMELY TIGHT, but as at the status quo, that gives them a WHOLE YEAR to dig themselves out of this hole!!! is also very conservative estimates on the number of implants they can do.

    Also, the above does not take into account the possibility of the whole board taking a severe salary sacrifice to bring the monthly expenditures down from 2.3 million.

    I am talking a severe salary sacrifice, not just mere tokenism here. In times of trouble the board should do its part, not just the SH.

    If they believe they have a viable business plan, acumen and ability to manage the commercialisation of this good product, well, let them put their money where their month is then.......What good for the goose is good for the gander.
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