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can it hurdle like jana?

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    As I write, junior nickel stock TIR is straddling its most important hurdle, the .31 cent barrier. This is a very uncomfortable position as any athlete knows. The price briefly touched .315 this morning and promptly pulled back as if afraid of its own temerity. Chartists will know that if it closes above .31 then anything up to .54 cents is possible.

    At the risk of seeming premature, I'll predict that Titan will storm away from the pack like Jana some time this week. Nickel is even hotter than gold at the moment and Titan's competitors (IGO, SMY, VRE) have all had significant runsin recent weeks, arguably with less going for them. Titan has lots of exploration cash and great tenements (s.w. of Kambalda) which it purchased at far cheaper prices than others paid. The cream on the cake would be success with its BioHeap process on the lower grade ores, which the market does not appear to have factored into its share price at all.

    All in all, plenty of upside in the current buoyant nickel environment.

    Any other views on whether she'll jump or stumble at this critical hurdle would be greatly appreciated.

    I hold. Conduct your own research.

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