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can i gloat about the ftse

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    hey guys

    last night the FTSE was going ballistic, i stayed out, watched it, there were a few posts then it got to about 6000 to 6010 i made a post suggesting it would peak out within 20-30 points if it made it that high.

    Well, i wanted for what i thought was the peak, waited for it to start dropping a bit, then waited some more to feel comfortable with the confirmation - then i went short.

    and now I'm making money!!

    i don't like to gloat about it, but, gee, it feels good to know i picked the top. I didn't pick the exact point, but i did pick the general area.

    woohoo to me. hope others also seen it and took advantage. have a trailing stop of course in case it all moves against me.
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