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    i feel market will fall in the morning but recover in the arvo .. Aussie economy far better than US. Watch for buying opportunites especailly oilers, Bush wants to avenge his dad's humiliation.

    Quality spec oilers with exciting drilling programs coming up will shine, HDR being one of these. Remember quality 3D seismic is finding more oil than not these days, it's now not as risky to back spec oilers.

    (1) HDR - Drilling has started, end of the year will tell if HDR is worth $1.50+ or 30c. WMA' are worth the thrill! :)

    (2) ARQ - If H2 doesn't produce gas from Dongara and Highcliff gas is sustainable then these guys are worth keeping.

    (3) BLO - fly, Huinga is starting to look very good and BLO has 25% as well as other exciting plays.

    (4) AWE - has Huinga, BassGass and Cliffhead .. watch for weakness.

    (5) PPP - Carnarvon drilling apparently happening soon? although possibly delayed and then there's TUI which NZO/PPP want to keep as much as possible.

    Only problem is a shaky OPEC, with Nigeria trying it's best to bring oil prices below $10/BBL .. which will help US economy and in turn, hopefully wake up non-open members. This will probably exclude nigeria,as it's backed by the US.
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