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Can HDR keep rising in this market, page-2

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    Hmm, tough one but some stocks will be more resiliant than others... smaller oil/gold players could prove quite stable in these times of uncetainty... e.g. Aurora gold, Oxiana... I feel HDR belongs to this group.

    However in a general market crash, everything will go down except put options that will go up... even gold stocks will fall as people will sell these to switch to "cheaper" shares like banks/insurance that will get pummelled.

    Thats my opinion anyway but the deterioration in confidence the past week is a strong warning to all investors... we've only seen the trouble start.

    WPL is one to keep an eye on if your keen on resource stocks. Excellent assets but we want the price to fall a little more to see good value there.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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