Campbell Newman quits the Liberal National Party

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    Former premier Campbell Newman has resigned from Queensland's Liberal National Party, saying he was dismayed the political wing "failed" to stand up for the party's core values.

    In a statement released on Monday, Mr Newman said the governments' response to the COVID-19 pandemic was "the last straw" and accused the Coalition of abandoning its principles in federal and state politics across Australia.

    "I have in recent months become dismayed that the political wing has failed to stand up for our core values of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, support for small business, the elimination of red tape and the defence of free speech and liberty," Mr Newman said.

    "The last straw for me has been the destruction of people's livelihoods, jobs and freedoms under governments' heavy-handed response to COVID-19 across the nation.

    "It is important to keep Australians safe, but it is equally important to keep us free. The two concepts do not need to be mutually exclusive.

    "Our federal and state governments have failed to honour the spirit of individual freedom that is at the heart of not only Liberal Party values, but wider Australian values."

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