Camelot or the ALP reject

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    The Liberal Party is in disarray.

    I once had a lot of time for Mr Turnbull. Unfortunately it became clear that he is really a socialist who joined the Libs after rejection by the ALP. His lack of nous was exposed in his attempt to destroy Australian industry with a world leading carbon tax. He is just a pretty drongo.

    I once had a lot of time for Mr Abbott. His passion to spread worst practice from the public sector to all employers with the Paid Parental Leave scheme was difficult, but possible, to overlook. It was balanced by his success in stopping the boats.
    Turning back the clock to an age of knights, damsels, earls, dukes and barons was eccentric. Making Philip a Bunyip knight was the last straw. He needs to retire to his castle, pull on the green leotards, dress Margie up as Guinevere, turn up the Camelot music and live out his fetish in private.

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