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    Is Mr Anderson saying this is a tax dodge?

    Mr Anderton commented that the current round of anti-ethanol lobbying
    in the media and the Australian community is a re-run of the US
    industry of the 1990's. The sentiment and the misinformation continue
    to be fuelled by the major oil companies and fuel industry. Under an
    ethanol industry development in Australia the major fuel companies
    would be likely to lose market share. The biggest threat comes from
    the communities that are most affected by high fuel prices - the
    regional and rural communities. Indcor's position is that at 10%
    ethanol blend in petrol there is 1,800 million litres capacity in
    Australia and no one can put forward any credible argument why an
    excise free, local supply scenario similar to the LPG gas industry
    can not be put in place.

    An excise free position for locally produced ethanol is Government
    Policy and Indcor are confident that the Federal Cabinet will honour
    their 2001 election platform on renewable energy. Indcor has
    reiterated the biofuel industry position by suggesting that on
    current projections the US ethanol industry will be bigger than the
    total Australian motor spirit (petrol) industry by 2010. As a major
    rural economy importing substantial crude oil, with the associated
    greenhouse gas issues to address, there is every reason to develop
    sustainable solutions with extensive environmental benefits, reducing
    cost and reliance on the unstable fossil fuel supply into the
    Australian energy market.

    P Anderton

    The farmer gets his fuel sans road tax and the producer sells without tax. What the Govt giveth the Govt will taketh away.
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