calling all greeks.....

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    There is a Greek song that I recall from many (many many) years ago that I want, but I dont know the artist, nor the name of the song, and everyone I ask has no idea.

    The words, from what I remember, go like this:

    Thallasa mavri thallasa, pou mou exis fai tin zoi mou
    Katarameni thallase, then ftani ego ti travixa, mou arpaxes kai to paidi mou

    Paidi mou paidi mou, elpitha steni mou
    sto taxidi pou pas antihos kai xehasis, nero lismonias etc etc etc

    Its a 60's song from memory, and I would be most grateful if any of my Greek speaking brothers could help me out

    Thanks in advance.
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