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MoCapone I have held AVQ since April 2011 and I, like you, have...

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    I have held AVQ since April 2011 and I, like you, have read all writings from the many posters on here.

    Plus ALL the company announcements over the years and from other sources, which entailed, to name a few, Ni rediscovery, Ni discovery, court case, appeal court case, landowner agreements, landowner meetings, government agreements, government potential licensing for the project, paid outside Gurus forecasting great things for shareholders, the Japanese leaving, AVQ management continuing to pump the stock (as you would expect) and all the time receiving HUGE financial benefits at our expense (OMG how disgusting), etc, etc and etc.

    So, where are we now, today, the very present and do we hold or get out?
    As you would realize any decision you make has to be your own but…………

    Trying to think as reasonably as possible, given the past events, any *long-term holder* may conclude that at this point in time the best course is to continue to hold and hope.

    WHY? Because it seems to me, if we can now believe what we have been told recently and we have to, the MAIN hurdle, all be it a gigantic one, is the SI government finally issuing the necessary licenses to proceed. That will do it for us surly.

    So, I will be hanging in there with the dreaded ‘hope’ which I know can be very financially troublesome.

    Cheer up and wait for the good news……….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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