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Its about time we received an update from Ryan. Surely he has...

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    Its about time we received an update from Ryan.

    Surely he has been in constant contact with the various SI Government Departments and Officials.

    I think the SI Government owe the courtesy of an update to both Axiom, its Shareholders and the Landowners given that it was their very own inadequacies within the bureaucracy in the first place that resulted in this mess and stalemate.

    Axiom have been the only ones to show any true intentions with this project. They actually spent millions on obtaining a JORC for Isabel. They were the ones who hired the local people and began educating and training them. They began establishing the campsite and grading the roads for transporting to the ships. They were the ones who made the effort to engage the local people and assisted with the building of local village schools, donating funds etc to much needed equipment. It wasn't Sumitomo.... their intention was just to land-bank the resource to suit them!!

    So I think we are deserving of an explanation from the SI Government as to where things are at...and not just a loose explanation but something with real substance and a reassurance.

    I seriously cannot believe that this is still ongoing. I cannot believe that it was March 2016...nearly 18 months since the adverse ruling.

    It really demonstrates to me the predicament the Solomon Islands is in and why it really is a third-world country. When you have public officials facing corruption allegations on a daily basis,  is it any wonder nothing happens over there!!!

    You would think that a project of this magnitude would be what the country needs/wants to kick-start things... to show to other potential companies that they are ready and open for business. Who in their right mind would make any investment in this corrupt country??

    All it demonstrates to me is that they are quite happy to continue to rely on economic aid and welfare payments courtesy of our hard earned tax dollars. I really struggle to see this country ever emerging from where it currently is.

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