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    I have no respect for AVQ’S m’ment or BOD. They have not delivered AVQ (the Co) one single asset in 7 long tedious years. They have blown millions $$$ on worthless pursuits. They have wasted tens millions $$$ on exploring land they never had clean or clear title too. No prudent or industry experienced directors or m’ment would undertake such foolhardy risk taking.
    The lack of industry expertise this Co has had to endure at board and m’ment levels explains the total lack of share price return on investors capital.
    As for the remuneration package enjoyed by the CEO it is scandalous.
    The massive numbers of stocks issued in secrecy (due m’ment tells us, to the sensitive nature of ongoing negotiations) to consultants etc is highly questionable considering this Co has never enjoyed the privilege of having ever divested itself of an asset or acquired by JV or any terms an asset of value.
    M’ment has taken on the worst forms of debt that a Co could saddle itself with.
    Shareholders have endured a massive 14/1 share consolidation to reduce the issued capital from billions back to hundreds of millions but now heading towards a billion on issue again.
    F*#•ing unbelievable!
    Now the share price is so predictable (based on repeated past occurances) that chartists can identify a pending pump and dump.
    Incredible !
    There is nothing wrong with AVQ the Co. There is nothing right or decent with its top m’ment or BOD imm.
    Are they nuances? Leave you to ponder your own thoughts
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