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Calling all cars

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a long term holder of AVQ (4 years now) - first time poster. I've been through the trials and tribulations of the company, listened to and gleaned valuable information from the posters here - especially Rusty, Hot_Ivestor, Invest4It, Redpapa, mcfj - I OFFER MY THANKS TO YOU ALL.

    The time has come for me to make a call about if I stay or go, I'm down on this substantially (for myself anyway), I have long disagreed with the CEO wage packet for this non-profitable company, I understand the local government well to know nothing happens quickly and corruption is everywhere - I also understand the resources identified are substantial and have major upside. My average price for this is 34.5c. I'd say this is a common problem for a lot of LT holders...

    I'm hoping for some insights from the guys who use to post here but haven't for a while. I'm thinking of trying to contact Ryan before I make a final call and see what he has to say (if anything), in the end I know this isn't anyone else's problem but I am torn on giving this another 3 months for the mystical license we have all dreamed of OR potentially seeing it drop to 13c again and losing another 50% of my investment.

    Many thanks in advance,
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