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called mr sage again

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    I called our MD Mr Anthony Sage again yesterday to ask him a few questions.

    1) Is there a Deal Coming- he said they are in advance talks and that cannot comment on it anymore as its sensitive information (fair enough) but from his opionion a positve outcome can be reached soon (hope not another 12 months)

    2) Why was the valuation a draft and the range was in 35-51cents- claims that platinum prices has collapsed and that this affected the valuation significantly

    3) Did you have a chance to do a deal earlier...if so you must have had a higher price on the table- said that Nkwe and IGC chose to take the path where independent valuations so itcan be fair and transparent to all shareholders

    4) What price range do you think we can get- hoping for the upper end

    5) Is it cash, SCRIP or both as the outcome- cannot comment but then again this is a Nkwe issue

    6) What is the timeframe- Hoping to complete the transaction as soon as possible

    Well seems to be the same old story. However he sounded much more stressed out this time ...probably many unhappy shareholders have already called

    I am still hoping for 51cents...and praying its cash

    Cheers to all
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