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    Hi guys,

    I found this following from a poster from other forum.
    I hope this will give investors more information.

    Ticker/Symbol: AXM Called AXM 16/12/2009
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    Ok everybody. I have called them and did so on the 16/12/2009. Spoke directly with Jeremy Robinson (Business Analyst) and had a long and lengthy conversation.

    He said there is going to be a report released in the next few days which will basically indicate production figures are similar to last quarter and how the company is progressing.

    I queried him on rumours concerning the Biox and feed and he said that these were unfounded. Also stated developments are progressing and that they expect to see the benefits of these in the first 2 quarters of 2010.

    He did also state he had been taking numerous calls from shareholders since the share price dropped below rights issue price.

    I suggest that people if they wish to confirm this give him a ring themselves he is more then willing to take the calls.

    The share price IMO is suffering from numerous unfounded rumours. It takes time to get things going, it doesn't happen overnight!!

    I suggest a look at the new major shareholder list. These people are not dumbies and they are well known for investing for the long term and not known for backing dead horses.


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