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Calimmune trial

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    Those of us expecting data from Calimmune may have to wait a little longer. The Estimated Primary Completion date has now been pushed out from June 2015 to Sept 2016.

    To some extent, this was not entirely unexpected because Cal-1 is not an immediate cure for HIV, it takes time to build up in the patients to a level where it can (hopefully) eliminate the virus. Therefore, the longer the monitoring period, the better the chance of good results. The start of the trial was affected by the FDA's initial insistence on only dosing one patient at a time and this slowed the progress of the trial.

    I had expected to get news from the company about the start of dosing for cohort three by now but, these days, it is very difficult to get any accurate information about the trial.

    The Australian trial should be under-way soon, if it has not already started, and so news of this may be the next piece of information we get to hear?
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