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    last post re - EAGLE was from SUN RESOURCES quarterly report. Here`s a bit more regarding KINGFISHER and Tri-Valley's SUNRISE.

    ...Farmin negotiations with companies experienced in evaluation and production of hydrocarbons from the non conventional fractured Monterey chert reservoir are still current but are on hold pending the results of the evaluation of the Sunrise gas prospect, a similar large gas prospect to Kingfisher in the same formation some 8 kilometres to the west, by Tri-Valley Oil and Gas (“TVOG”). A reported test in December quarter 2002 flowed 2.5 million cubic feet of gas per day. This flow came from a fracced horizontal lateral into a zone of porosity near the base of the 100 metres of net pay encountered in the formation. TVOG has recently completed a similar horizontal lateral and on 7 July commenced a fraccing/testing programme in the now recognised zone of best porosity that occurs at the top of the net pay. This situation is analogous to Kingfisher 1. If this zone has a substantial sustained gas flow, farmin negotiations are expected to be completed in the September quarter on Kingfisher.

    Maybe time to look at vpe /sur more closely now. VPE also holds other prospects around SUNRISE namely Raven , Cockatoo and Condor.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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