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Calculating Earnings

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    First, I want to say hello. I've been watching this board closely for 3 years and am a firm believer in Unilife and, more recently, in Alan. I thought he nailed the Fast Money bit the other day. I want to say thanks to all of the regular posters, and while there are too many to name, I do appreciate the research and unselfish sharing that goes on here very regularly.

    I'm a long term long, having way more of my net worth in UNIS that I should, and am planning to hold it until at least 2020, or they get bought out. I hope that does not happen anytime soon.

    Alan likes to mention that he expects the gross margin to average out from the various platforms to north of 40%. Do we have a good idea of what kind of taxes Unilife will expect to pay on their profits? In other words, how do we figure net income from the gross profits of 40% we are told to expect?

    I really think it is likely that just with the current contracts that have been announced, that we could be seeing revenue of more that $1B per year within the next 6-7 years. If that number is accurate and gross margins at indeed at 40%, how much of that $400M with translate into net income available to the shares outstanding?
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