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caixin - blatant prc state propaganda

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    As someone who knows a thing or two about China, I can tell you this is a very methodical piece of propaganda (in exemplary English tagetting at an overseas audience).

    That audience is the WA government, the Australian Federal Government and MMX-Mitsubishi.

    BIG TROUBLE ! My Arse.

    The Chinese are pressing for concessions.

    - Waive the 50% cap on foreign takeovers.
    - Make maximum concessions on sale of OPR/JHEP
    - Allow Sino to dictate how Oakajee will be developed even if Mitsubishi is to own the other 50%.
    - Better still, give us 100% control of OPR

    All the while, we know Australia has the Chinese by the gonads because we own the resources.

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