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    Have traded OSH constantly over last 3 or so months and must say has been disappointing.
    My information (take it for what you will) is it will be taken over if pipeline eventuates. STO will be the predator, and will target WPL and PNG Governments holdings. My understanding is this will not be blocked by other participants as STO has financial clout to aid not hinder development.
    Have been trading via warrants and jumping on when volume / price profile gives me the green light only to see major sellers emerge and stop any price appreciation in its tracks.
    The pipeline is a lot nearer than it was a few months ago and you can be assured STO will know well before the market is informed.
    My strategy if you think the pipeline is a goer is buy FPO's on support 67c to 70c , forget the warrants.
    Beware though that if pipeline does not go foward that support will the tested quickly and your stop could be only a number.
    As for CAG I would not touch at the moment.
    This is the age old question with spec's of high risk / high reward. When to buy.
    Have patience, If CAG is half as good as Ron suggests it is going a lot higher than it is now.
    You buy when you have much more transparency but before insto's investment models are breached for attention.
    ie. if its going to $2 I would rather buy for 15c with less risk than buy for 3c on a gamble.
    If you are a gambler $1000 in and don't whinge if it's a tax write - off, if it comes off you can jump back in with serious money at a higher price.
    One of my major rules in investment is quality of management but I understand this is very hard to judge with start ups. I have my doubts about CAG as they still have not told us about the original contract, to buy after a dilution of 800 million shares would also be a ballsy move.

    Be aware of it's potential and watch it closely but do not get emotional.

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