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cag/cagoa- green alert to 4c+

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    Since I wrote last on cag, the stock has gone thru the sub 2.5c, I think it went as low as 2.2c and I thought it had potential for an upside run. Since then it had a big cash injection and I see that as being very positive. In the long run, the stock still has problem as it has eaten up a lot of capital, many promises and deliver very little- and I do appreciate that very well. But going forward at this point in time I feel it is in a recovery mode with taht additional injection and will give it suficient to pursue the positive responses it said that it received from the recent conference. Hopefully there will be positive announcements coming from there.

    In the short term what I do like is this cash injection which shows some confidence in the company- the investor must have assessed the situation with cag and felt great potential to invest. What I do like is that they have the issue overhang and the shares were meant to be issued at sub 1c which would have caused siginificant dilution. That was the reason that the share went from over 4c down to close to 2c. Now with this new injection cag is negotiating with the covertible noteholders and if successful there will be no issue and that would be great news and potential to get back to the above 4cents perhaps towards the 5c mark. From recent announcement it looks like cag could be successful in negotitating and we should be hearing about it soon. Once that is over I would hope to see a spike in price.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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