Cadbury Dairy Milk Blocks

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    Because not enough Muslims are buying Cadbury's Halal Certified Chocolates here in Australia they have decided to reduce the block size from 22o g down to 200g.......omg!

    I wondered why the Cadbury brands have been heavily reduced on the supermarket shelves (you know the shelves at the front of the shop). Some displays have been up for ages now.

    Seems they cant give em away even at half price!

    Perhaps like Tony Abbott "they just don't get it" that Aussies are waking up to this Muslim Halal Tax on our foods and are refusing to buy them.

    How many Muslim Halal products are in your pantry at the moment and you didn't know it.

    Have a look......that is if you can find the very small or cleverly hidden symbols of Muslim Halal certification.

    I no longer shop at Woolworths or Coles because of this deceiptful hidden Muslim Tax on my food.
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