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    re: bruce rob: cabinet reshuffle - go amanda Got it in one, Bruce! The "solution?" RAISE the bloody GST! Is anyone surprised? Will anyone be heard to object to the rhetoric flowing thus: Well, all our money has gone to the protection the Australian people (we know which 'Australians') he means; and to helping the poor farmers (we know which particular 'farmers' he means) who had to deal with massive losses due to the drought. We also were badly affected by the dreadful decline in the American economy (we know ehich Americans he means by that) and by the massive amount of BS emanating from so many pariah countries! Australians (and we know which 'australians' he means by this) have never had it so good. Ours is the best economy, the most tolerant country, providing the best services to business (and we know by 'business' he means only his brother) and once we get rid of everyone whose surname isn't Howard from this country, Australia will be an even better place to... die in.
    Those who constantly crap on about what a wonderful country this is, should occasionally ask themselves if it could not be much better if:
    i) everything was not privatised
    ii) education, health and housing took top priority (It's the political ideology that stops it from being so, not the difficulty.)
    iii) People were not fed BS by fatcat politicians and heads of corporate giants.
    iv) If gross business grafitti were removed from all the best sites this country has.
    v) if dishonesty (not only in business but in everyday dealings with people) were punished a hell of a lot more severely.

    I won't go on, I know you're getting my drift and I also know the single-liners will come in hard and fast: Yeah, you bloody leftie, if you don't like this country why don't you [email protected] off?

    Quick one-liner answers: I don't know what a leftie is. Never did. I just heard vague insults about the word but it seems that when the insults were fired they used the same words as when they would PRAISE their intolerant christian or jewish or muslim religion!
    I don't [email protected] off because I want I was born in this country, because geographical borders are crap, and most importantly because I want to contribute as much as I can to this country. You tell me why. And because I don't like whining and then [email protected] off!
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