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    hello C.o.m

    i have been reading you posts and honestly now its getting me a little concerned of what your intentions are?

    you are looking at selling your holdings and at the same time being a little negative on the stock.?
    thats fine..

    but are you a financial adviser trying to back us out from the venture of CTP?

    would you honestly buy more at early teens? or would your friends buy more early teens?

    you have a large holding which you comfortably disclosed to us of which you plan to sell.?

    according to your recent posts you still havent sold and you are suggesting the sp will go lower.?

    why not sell now then bit by bit?

    i hope i havent been harsh on you C.O.M.
    just your intentions, i am a bit confused. i was trying to pass on a message to on my last post to you but i think you didnt pick up.?

    i truly beleive CTP in the st will be in the 30's.

    i think you are just upset to the fact that it has not hit the 20's.

    just be patient. its st. not a long term stock.
    (any1 out there suggesting this price will be here long term i think you are mistaken b/c this coy must drill)

    guys, in the sharemarket who knows what will bring tomorrow !

    dyor at all times , my sentiment on this stock will NEVER change.
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