c*cksuckers buying spec stocks

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    Nearly everyone buying speck stocks(capitalisation under 100 million) is a as*hole trying to make 100% a year on the stockmarket(unless the majority of your holdings are top 200 ASX companies).

    Myu suggestion to you is start investing in your future & start buying into companies that do not go up & down in price due to hotcopper postings.

    If you have made most of your money by buying stocks which you were alerted to by hotcopper posters I suggest you sell your holding & go to the casino.

    Most(frequent) hotcopper posters are Liars & will say to you a stock is good while they hold & afterwards(after their selling) they will say to you the stock you hold is overvalued & nothing has been proven.

    Anyway if your stockpicking is so great buy Call options in top 200 companies & make money from them as I do.

    If you can't honestlt tell hotcopper what you paid & why you will be sucked into hotcopper rampings.

    The same as I was before when I 1st entered Hotcopper chat.

    Now I tell Hotcopper what to do.

    I may still be wrong sometimes(often?) but I have no shame & reason to feel shame.

    I back my own judgement.

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