Bypass $500 'minimum marketable parcel'?

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    Is there ANY way at all to bypass this ASX limit when buying a particular stock for the first time?

    I read on a forum that I might be able to approach a broker by phone and see if they are willing to do it, since it's not a statutory stricture?

    If it's possible to bypass the limit somehow, can someone tell me precisely how to do it?
    (For example: I've heard of people pooling funds to invest in real property)

    I'm a first-time investor who is CONSIDERING investing in a stock that a friend has thoroughly investigated.

    This friend is a day-trader with a little experience who is confident enough in this stock that it is his only long-term investment.

    I am happy to risk a few hundred (with the possiblity of (learning) greater things), but not $500 at this point.
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