NAD 0.00% 16.5¢ north australian diamonds ltd

bye bye

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    The granting of 3000000 @.00 is disgusting when this is added to his salary of $250,000 thats another $150,000 without talking about the options

    This is not a big company, they went through 3 cap raisings last year and another announced this week,

    yet the "Directors" allow this to happen, no doubt when the new chairman is voted in he will need an incentive to do his job.

    I had high hopes for this company, its a good deposit and they have some good land for further exploration, but it is too expensive to hold when they continually cap raise and pay themselves extrodinary bonuses

    Better stocks in the territory than these blokes with their snouts in our trough

    will sell at a price I have set hopefully before the next cap raising or General meeting

    Territorians look at THR TNG TFE CMR AFR forget these takers

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Currently unlisted public company.

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