Bye bye Nancy & Dems

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    The Dems are a disaster.

    • impeachment DISASTER (Trump highest approval rating after months of impeachment)

    • Iowa caucus - an abject failure and a complete DISASTER for the Dems

    • SOTU - an absolute DISASTER for the Dems with Nancy‘a tantrum

    • Job numbers - massive job numbers today is an absolute DISASTER for Nancy’s spin that the SOTU address was full of lies .

    • Black support for Trump keeps creeping up and the “school’s choice “ with the single mother and the prison reform parts of the SOTU were a genius move to target the black community could be a DISASTER for the Dems.

    BONUS - the impeachment backfired (as expected) and Trump’s approval grew in that time. Put the Spinniker up coz Barr & Durham will drip hopefully a few months before the election with a bit of pay back for the corrupt Mueller prolonged investigation to take out Trump through hijacking the mid-terms.
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