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    G'day nkarp,

    What you say (fundamentals telling the story) would be true if we could believe what we are being told. The only fundamental information that we have is the "regulated" reporting from the companies. When the auditing function fails to identify the non-compliance with the regulations then the regulations are of no-use and thus the fundamental information that we are trying to base our decisions on is flawed. The Govt want to be seen to be doing something so they impose further regulation and penalties but they know that they will never fix it. (Typical government response).

    I have always relied on both FA and TA but as recent events have shaped my opinions (as above), I am more and more coming over to Kiwi's view. His example of Enron is spot on. Turtle traders would have made a killing on Enron by following the trend and shorting the bejezus out of it.

    Just my random opinions.

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