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    At 5 cents I called this one a ten bagger, I still dont resile from that.

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    It never ceases to amaze me that as soon as GCN announced some
    good news,

    and the price started to rise, certain HC posters just could not stand the

    sight of GCN's price going up and would do their damnest to post negative

    comments full of inaccuracies in order to mislead other HC members. They

    would drag out old announcements and rehash them and take things out of

    context just to put their negative points of view across. These con posters

    have been doing it when GCN was at 5 cents, at 6 cents, at 7 cents, forever

    knocking the company and by now when GCN is already 62% from the 5 cents

    bottom, they still try to convince everyone they were right.

    Remember a number of them said that GCN would not be around
    anymore as recently as the

    last week of July this year?

     What are their hidden agenda?

    So when GCN rises to 50 cents, I assume they will still be
    saying they were so right in their

    so called fundamental analysis.

     The fact that GCN announces today that the adult channels
    have all gone live and the company has started receiving

    subscription revenue already does not seem to be worth even the slightest

    mentioning by them. Afterall, all successful companies build businesses to

    gain revenue and GCN has achieved exactly that.

    These same knockers have been saying that GCN cannot generate revenue. Well,

    they obviously have not read or cannot understand financial statements from

    GCN. Sorry, the fact that GCN has been earning revenue at an increasing

    trend every six months since it started life in the six months to 31/12/1999

    seems to have completely escaped these knockers, because they just want to

    deceive the HC members.

    What, they think HC members are idiots or something?

    The presentation and financial summary available from the company's site

    says it all: http://www.gotrek.com.au/gotrek/pdf/presentation.pdf

    Now in today's announcement, GCN has already advised that no sooner has

    adult channels gone live, subscribers have been signing up and paying with

    their credit cards. The company has a number of premium video channels to be

    launched including music, business and sports, and adult entertainment is

    just the first cab off the rank.

    What more contradictions do the knockers want to create against
    additional revenue that is  coming in for GCN?.

     GCN is able to promote these services to a captive
    membership base of over 2

    million people worldwide with the support of their affiliate partners and

    content providers.  GCN has spent some two years to establish an affiliate

    strategy and has now recruited close to a dozen affiliates with collective

    membership base of 2 to 3 million people. This has provided the company now

    with a very cost efficient online marketing channel and the distribution is


     How many other companies are in that position?

    If you assume that only the minimum of 3 monthly subscriptions are taken up

    and match that against the company's recently released cashflow statements,

    then it is not difficult to work out that GCN only needs to get a conversion

    rate of less than 0.25% of this over 2 million people to become subscribers

    to be profitable month on month.

    Which part of this analysis the GCN knocker does not understand?

    I wish the GCN knockers all the best but unfortunately

    for them, the GCN management is totally focused and is hell bent on

    succeeding no matter what the knockers have been saying. It is about time

    the knockers put up or shut up altogether.

    Oh by the way, even the latest Elliott Wave reading on the
    GCN chart says it is going up.

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