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Wow $3.8 in 2019 and accepting the offer? June 2003 CSL was $4...

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    Wow $3.8 in 2019 and accepting the offer?

    June 2003 CSL was $4 so if you were a shareholder you would have accepted a takeover offer of $12 roughly 3 times the share price. By June 2008 (five years later) the share price was $35. By June 2013 another five years later the share price was $61 and yet another five years later June 2018 $192 dollars.

    Current annual dividend for CSL is $2.47. So about 1/5th of the $12 sale price. Over the 15 years missing out on all those dividend and DRP (dividend reinvest would have grown your portfolio. Note DRP is now currently suspended). In hindsight accepting $12 looks insane.

    Am I saying SPL could be another CSL? Maybe. even a partial 50% success story of CSL in 15 years and I would be over the moon on three orbits around the earth and the moon. Remember CSL back in 2003 would have been infecting mice with human conditions to test there treatment processes and our current results for the same exercise are glowing on an number of DEP drugs.

    One thing I will say. In the coming future there will be another CSL. I have no doubt about it with medical advances coming so quick and fast. It could just be that its SPL, this DEP technology is so so so promising.

    Sorry I laugh at $3.8 and giggle at $7.

    Good luck folk

    Cheers Lies

    PS Maybe Anti can answer a question that has been on my mind. AZ is trialing their products with DEP technology, surely there must be sunset clauses in the contracts. You don't sign this kind of contract granting your technology to a big pharma without putting in place timelines and cost associated with just walking away or a time period where they have to accept using the tech and pay up the milestone payments.
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