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    From my opinion I'm not worried who sells for whatever reason, it's their desicion. Nothing in the reports indicate anything but coming good news and with Uranium moving into high gear US$60.25 I really can't see how we can miss. All cashed up and ready to rock and roll.

    To some degree this share has been overlooked lately but when the penny drops watch out.

    I'll say it again Uranium is on the edge of a megga rise
    as power companies tie up ever deminishing stocks. Liken it to ZINC and what's happening there atm.

    If it dips below .06 grab it.

    Nasi predicted a rise to .12+- by Christmas coming or just after. That depends if BLR have a big find and the market sees it, usually this only happens if posters start to post on HC about it. So have our chats and when an upgrade comes in buy a bit and all of us shout it out.

    Downside here is small the upside is huge with what they are holding Remember they have around $625.000.000 of copper proven at Koonenberry in the ground so far and the Uranium is already a proven site and further the new copper lease is proven all we need is upgrades that are iminent.



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Currently unlisted public company.

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