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    It's often darkest before the dawn.

    The resource majors RIO & BHP are looking increasingly attractive at current prices.

    The Chinese market will be one of the main drivers for these stocks. The Chinese economy is growing at a rate not fully appreciated by many investors. Already Japan exports more (in volume) to the Asian market than it does to the US .... and this has been the trend since 1999.

    BHP, with its negotiated iron ore sales of 20 million tonnes per year in the Chinese market.

    China too is a net importer of petroleum - and again, this is positive for BHP.

    RIO, too has not been alseep to the burgeoning Asian market and is similarly poised to reap the long term rewards.

    Current prices for BHP and RIO will appear cheap within the next few years and accumulating these stock at times of price weakness makes sound strategy.

    That's where a lots of the profits I have made on trading the specs is being relocated.

    Good trading / investing.

    Cheers, Xerxes_ph
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