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buying back in if it holds 9 cents, page-11

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    Hi B2,your AWE comment is valid,Harry Hindsight is a brilliant fellow.I have been currently building a position in GBG for several reasons,Telfer related ground has to be interesting.Teck do not spend $3.5m. without a hot target and the five hole programme looks pretty interesting,given they are following up hits like [email protected] 14g.As the stock is at cyclical lows,that is where I like to buy,a bit of extra [email protected] when following in a recent discounted placement,often provides the safety buffer.Then a little bit of good fortune with the drills and you will have a big % gain,gold production at Minjar improves and suddenly it heads north.This one is in my junior group and IMHO warrants close following.Refer a recent bullish posting on OZESTOCK re current drilling progress.Very interesting time.
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