RIV 0.00% $16.20 riversdale mining limited

buy while you can..

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    you can't imagine the price being so attractive. this is a buyers delight. everyone is in panic mood. This is not large selling pressure, but more like lack of buyers hanging around for bargain time. Same result.this is clearly bargain time.
    i am sorting out a few things for the buying to begin. i will buy another 200k shares here while i can. we are trading sub 20c cash now. If you do the maths on talbot and tata, it looks like they paid a $1 per tonne in the ground. You get the $340m cash and the profitable coal mine for zip. people may well have deep regrets not taking a serious look at this while the market is in a coma. we might live a long time before we ever get another opportunity like this again.dyor.
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