Buy Support Dominance 21JAN19 Top 100

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    Buy Support is a superior metric to the fake metric 'Market Cap'. With market cap, I could hypothetically create a coin, keep 99.999999999999% of the supply to myself and then when the coin hits the market, my market cap is something like 4,000 times the GDP of the United States. Coin Market Book measure the sum of buy orders at 10% distance from the highest bid price. This enables measuring 'skin in the game' rather than fluff. Things you should note:

    * Unlike the site, I compile the percentages out of the top 100 total, Coin Market Book compile percentages directly compared to Bitcoin with Bitcoin at 100%

    * Coin Market Cap currently places dominance of Bitcoin at 53%, while my Buy Support metric places it at 61%

    * Clearly a tonne of fraud has been committed on XRP. It shows up as 2nd on Coin Market Cap still (Even larger than Ethereum), but is ranked 4th on Coin Market Book. With XRP, the Ripple Company can create as many XRP as they want at zero cost, and sit on it. This appears to be what they've been doing possibly also as to give the impression that their currency is bigger than it actually is using the fake metric 'Coin Market Cap'

    * I define anything with <2% Buy Support as a 'Zombie coin'

    * The 2 coins which didn't make the top 5 but I don't consider zombie coins yet are Tron and NEO, both of which I consider as extremely scammy

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