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    re: buy some gold ... sinclair for asmizon Hi again mate,

    Here 'tis.

    Tuesday, September 3 "OWNING GOLD VIA THE PERTH MINT"
    Q: Do you have any opinions on the relative safety of purchasing allocated vs. unallocated gold via the Perth Mint?
    A: Mints can be government owned or private. Never -Ever buy from either as unallocated gold. Do not be seduced into unallocated gold by cheaper fees. That means that the gold you own is amalgamated with the gold owned by others and can be sold short to you or to you against paper gold. Unallocated gold is part of the assets of the mint and you are a liability of the mint. If the mint wants, they could hold gold futures or derivatives as the gold you own in an unallocated condition. If the mint goes broke, you will more than likely never see your gold. Private mints have and can go broke. Always buy your gold as allocated and as held in CUSTODIANSHIP. Be sure it is true custodianship which means the gold or asset is not on the balance sheet of the mint. This is a safe way of owning gold if the mint is run by transparent people.


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