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buy, sell or hold?

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    G'Day all,
    I am extremely perplexed at the moment in regards to my holding in TEN.

    I had every intention in selling my position following the recent 12.5 cent dividend and also having gained on my entry price. Now with talk of a possible t/o (ie: Fairfax and a Canadian company), I'm thinking I would be a fool to do so.

    I trade with Westpac and they have had a SELL on Ten since I bought in! In that time the share price has increased from the early $4's to a peak at $4.50, and a f/f dividend has been paid aswell.

    In recent hc discussions with Ahmed (refer to our discussions via the search) we both have HOLD sentiments.

    Are we wise in believing so?

    Currently trading at $4.43 +1 today. Any thoughts from you all are extremely welcomed by myself.


    Sentiment: Hold???

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