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    CBA locked in but no quantity of sellers to help them out.

    The stand off today is almost breath-taking.

    And the line up of 12 sellers at 15 cents.


    So much out of normality I just do not accept it at face value.

    Could CBA have loaded the sell area to lock in day to day sellers at lower prices?

    Would be a profitable strategy if they were clever.

    Also a loading of selling orders by CBA would perhaps exite some holders to sell because the perceived buiild up could be interpreted as a worrying signal - hence some may unload at lower prices.

    Would be a good idea if CBA was clever.

    Nah - perhaps they aren't capable of thinking up such strategies.
    Perhaps they are not even capable of implementing such strategies.

    The "game" is developing and suspense is growing.

    The quarterly report due by the end of this month may bring on a creshendo.
    A mini creshendo anyhow!



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