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    Capitulation, fear, gloom, uncertainty, lack of buyers, etc, etc.

    All the hallmarks of one of the best once in a decade opportunity.

    Take account of inflation and the present All Ords is at lows not seen for many years.

    The final buy signal should be news headlines and investment magazines proclaiming "Death of Markets" - or "Blood in the Streets" or "Retirees Devestated." or other such items.

    There will be war in Iraq - the sooner the better.

    No doubt commencement of war will be the dawn of market recovery.

    Do not push stocks and will not really ramp.
    However in all the gloom and doom AVL is steady and shaping up for strong move up.
    Undervalued, well managed and going places.
    The main retardant is a perceived sovereign danger.
    This is a value attribute and the degree of concern is in the mind of the holder.

    Check avl out if you are not informed.

    Otherwise now is a once in decade opportunity to place money in markets with minimal down risk and optimal up potential.


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