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what I've seen in terms of recessions I disagree with...

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    what I've seen in terms of recessions I disagree with TimTamTom.
    Tim tam said every single time cash rates have gone Up.and there has been a move from shares to cash

    but if you look historically. There has been spectacular share market crashes both after recessions and also in periods of economic growth.

    Looking at recessions and cash rates....
    Precious recessions we've seen on several is a surge of oil prices... Like a 4x surge in oil prices that have driven inflation up and since the 80s most developed central banks use the cash rate to control inflation and most have targets to keep inflation under 3 percent.

    Looking five years out the US is expected to stay under 2.5 percent inflation and Australia under 3.
    Both have near zero or zero cash rates at the moment in an attempt to stimulate growth from this covid induced recession.
    Our most recent stock market crash, to Tim tams point that every single time a recession or share market crash there has preceded a cash rate raise is just complete crap. The cash rate has been dropping for some time and the share market was booming. Then covid hit and share mkt crashed and it's now up above pre covid times.
    Crude oil prices hit negative shortly after covid and now about 60 a barrel. They got to 160 a barrel in the 2009 crisis. And so we are a long way off that

    Seriously some of the crap that people sprout on about. TimTamTom, your macroeconomic analysis is terrible as is Goodfellas.

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