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    Earlier this morning there was an opportunity to buy cheaply into ElectroMetals Mining. Electro-Who you might ask and why should I put my hard won money into such a puny company?

    EMM Has been in the metal reclaimation business for nearly fifteen years and hasn't ever shot to fame. Mind, it hasn't gone belly up either. It asks little from its shareholders and has plodded along going no-where fast, but all that's about to change.

    Enter DeNora, an Italian businsess and world leader in making ANODES, a vital piece of EWEM technology. DeNora are BIG with manufacturing plants in six countries around the world. A statistic readily coming to mind is that they employ 50 full time scientists. Earlier this year DeNora noticed EMM's patented Electro winning process in action and liked what they saw. Liked it so much they immediately bought 20% of the small Brisbane company. Almost overnight, EMM went from a miniscule staff doing everything from marketing to making their note worthy product, to having the industry's giant as their partner.
    DeNora has pledged world-wide marketing of EMM's products, they've pledge full access to those 50 scientist who you can bet had a good look over EMM's product line. And they've offered full use of their world wide manufacturing facilities.... Know what's about to happen? An explosion of orders are in the pipeline, and through a capital raising associated with the partnership, EMM is cashed up to knock out plenty of stock.
    Check out their chart and you'll see it's cheap anywhere around 10 cents. I just topped up my holdings and plan to hold them while the orders pour in.

    As always do your own investigation so you're sure.
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