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    Usually the price post consolidation declines but there are other factors to consider with WRM. As QH indicated, these shares are currently on fire sale. The drill program is scheduled to start about the same time the consolidation happens. Some investors currently on the sidelines will want to have their position as drills start turning. Also, don't underestimate the level of interest QH and Palisade can generate in North America. If WRM were listed on the TSX-V it would probably be trading for 2X to 3X the current price. The difficulty for North American investors to buy ASX shares is a huge barrier. Most people I know in N.A. who invest in gold exploration companies have never owned ASX listed shares.

    A while back I posted that I thought there could be some weakness heading right up to consolidation or even a bit after as some investors might not want to only own 1/100th the share count but that was before the huge wave of PP sellers drove it down from 1.3 cents to 0.5 cents.

    Apologies for the long winded reply.
    Bottomline: I think the risk of not owning more shares far outweighs the risk of further decline due to consolidation. I was buying plenty last week.

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