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    reaction to today's announcement as expected..... TLM's comments today are a lot more sober than their initial pronouncements about mega-potential - and that's as it should be at this stage....

    thing with TLM is that they are among the latest entrants to the Fe game, just as Fe interest peaked up they popped with their "potential" comments which sent the sp soaring to absolutely ridiculous heights - as could have been seen if anyone had bothered to some reading of other stocks....

    I spent a long time looking over Fe stocks on the weekend and it appears to me that TLM is so underdeveloped at this stage it's difficult to place it anywhere among them with any certainty - and it's sp still remains unrealistically high despite the catastrophic fall from earlier heights....

    if you want to take a look at another stock very similar in nearly all respects to TLM but with a more stable sp take a look at FRS - though it's falling too....

    nobody is paying for 'potential' anymore - that's all gone - so runs on the board are what counts, and TLM is at least six months away from firming up anything to JORC standard so there will inevitably be further falls...

    the way I see it, TLM should settle around 40c and options at 20c..... and that is a reasonable result, in fact it's a good result if it can hold those prices during any market turmoil.....

    longer term who knows? but there's at least a year before you'll see any $$$$ signs in front of TLM - and that's when the market has finished its gyrations and TLM hits real proven paydirt..... it's a long haul from here .....

    some Fe stocks worth researching POL, GIR, FRS, AGO ....

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