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    Aussiebulls is recommending AKK as a BUY.
    Daily Commentary
    Our system posted a BUY CONFIRMED today. The previous SELL recommendation was issued on 06.30.2011 (15) days ago, when the price was 0.0350. Since then AKK.AX has fallen -5.71% .

    BUY-IF is confirmed by a white candlestick which has an open equal to the previous close but closing higher. The buying price is the previous close ( 0.0320 ) according to the Rules of Confirmation.
    Patience pays off. The market wavered a bit but finally confirmed the recent bullish formation. The dose of the previous day was not enough for a BUY-IF confirmation but today it is. Though the market opened lower today, the day?s activity created a white candlestick that closed above the previous close. This is a valid confirmation criterion. The market is now ready for a bullish move.
    We hope that you acted quickly and already bought this . Your important benchmark was the previous close. You were supposed to watch the session carefully, feel its bullish tendency despite the lower opening, and go long after making sure that the prices stay over the previous close.
    If you bought, continue to hold this until the confirmation of the next SELL-IF signal. You are on safe grounds as long as the future prices continue to trade above the benchmark price. What to do if you did not buy? Maybe, you did not have time to follow the session or you simply delegated the delicate job of confirmation to us. Well, it is a bit late, but not too late. You may still find suitable prices for buying in the following sessions.



    As from me: Strong buy for AKK.

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