buy, buy, buy. (remember these posts?)

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    Previously posted that this week was likely to be the low point and that investors should be 90% invested by taking the opportunities now available.

    "The bell if not being rung is certainly out of the cupboard."

    There are more ups and downs due in the markets but further consistant free falling is unlikely and will be limited.

    Appears to me that the news behind the scenes is that sudan Hussain is finished.(My supposition only)
    (Assassination impending? Soon to be deposed? Location to be revealed so that US can elliminate him with first air strike? - or other.
    Hence market speculation of short war and possible end of panic selling, capitulation, fear, doom and gloom and whatever.
    % increase in market will be quite dramatic for obvious reasons. e.g. a 30% retraction requires a 50% jump to return to same level -- and other factors too.


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