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    Abbott slams new Tas governor
    By staff writers
    August 19, 2003

    TASMANIAN governor-designate Richard Butler was a sell-out who had accepted the queen's shilling, federal Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott said today.

    Mr Abbott, who used to head Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy, criticised Mr Butler for accepting the position of governor while being known as an avowed republican.

    "Mr Butler has said that he will not be the representative of the queen in Tasmania; he'll be the representative of the people, but that won't stop him taking the queen's shilling," Mr Abbott told parliament.

    Mr Abbott also compared Labor treasury spokesman Mark Latham to Mr Butler.

    "He (Mr Latham) is the biggest sell-out since Richard Butler," he said.

    Speaker Neil Andrew refused Labor demands that Mr Abbott withdraw the remark, but it was later withdrawn anyway after heated debate.

    Mr Andrew said Mr Butler was not covered by parliamentary rules protecting state governors and the governor-general because he had not yet been sworn in as governor.

    He said he had allowed Labor to criticise former governor-general Peter Hollingworth in parliament and would allow Mr Abbott's comments to stand.

    Federal Labor leader Simon Crean said the rules had been interpreted to protect governors-general designate, and should also apply to Mr Butler.

    "The fact is he's the governor-designate," Mr Crean said.

    "Our strong assertion is there has been a reflection on a governor-designate; it's beyond the standing orders; it's beyond parliamentary practice and the leader of the House should withdraw it."

    Mr Andrew said Mr Abbott's were inappropriate but "consistent with the remarks made in this House earlier this year".

    Mr Butler, a former UN chief weapons inspector in Iraq, will take up the governor's post in November
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