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    [ Simgrund, point taken, and I happily stand corrected. ] 2 CentsWorth

    Hello 2CW,
    Thanks for your sensible re-examination of this forum’s tricky labyrinths.

    Let’s then give a trial run to suggestion by seamisty as indicated:
    “…… those that report PIF/OCV posts to be moderated should also be made
    to post
    their reasons why on the related PIF thread before the post is moderated?”
    Version 1.
    if required to provide reasons “before the post is moderated”

    -- I am posting this explanation regarding my intent to REPORT to Moderators
    on post by xxxx of xxxx date and xxxx number.
    My reasons are xxxxxxxxx, and especially xxXXczxxY.
    I hope the moderators will act on this report and it’s a relief for me to expurgate
    this issue from my system.

    Comment: moderators may not act on the REPORT and the “Honest Poster”
    will wear her/his non-event to their detrimental worst.

    Version 2
    if “should be made to post” (a coersion?) subsequent to REPORTing
    and the Target Post is removed

    -- These are my reasons for reporting to moderators this post:
    xxxxx; Xxxxx (and so on). I am pleased to see it removed from public view.

    the “Honest Poster” will wear her/his dob-in-event to their detrimental worst.

    Version 3
    -- Run the original idea past HC Administration to see if they are prepared to deal
    with inflated traffic in posts and added burden of catch-up courses in Graces of Patience.

    Version 4
    -- If it ain't broken...; IOWs leave things as they are.
    Any refinements to above versions?
    And let's keep awareness of HotCopper fine guidelines on Expletive Reticence?
    After all, we are Australians!


    Worry not Where Worry is not Warranted.
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