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    Recently I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a copy of R. Brough Smyth's 'The Goldfields and mineral districts of Victoria'. Published in 1869. Anyone investing in Victorian gold companies has quite probably had a look at it.

    Mention is made as to a possible continuation of the rich Bendigo, Sebastion and Raywood lines of reef further to the north where the undulating hills and rocky outcrops slip below the Murray Valley sediments.

    I spent the first six years of my life on a farm, just a short drive north of Raywood, at a fly spot on the map called Tandarra. It was very flat and featureless wheat and sheep country. Certainly not the kind of place you would be looking for gold.

    On 3/6/11 NML made an announcement regarding the successful results of their exploratory drilling south of Tandarra. Extremely good grades at a depth of only 37 metres. Quote: 'Host rock similar to Bendigo'.

    On 5/6/11 I wondered aloud on this forum as to whether our farm in or is it out partners, Drummond Gold might actually be going to head up in that direction and maybe sink a few holes on EL 3327. Silence.

    Noticed yesterday that NML has gone into a trading halt. Something about a cap. raising. Maybe the old wheat/sheep country has something else to offer!

    My long winded point is, disappointing though it's been, don't totally write off the Bendigo area. It may well yet surprise.

    Good luck to the eternally patient and those prepared to take a punt!


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